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The municipality of Olhão has five beaches, privileged in regarding its location, quality and beauty: Armona Ria, Armona Mar, Fuseta Ria, Fuseta Mar and Praia dos Cavacos. Amongst these, Armona Mar and Fuseta Mar have the blue flag and the gold quality recognition, the latter being also shared by the beach of Armona Ria.

Situated in the heart of the Ria Formosa Natural Park (PNRF), they are located in the center of the Algarve region and enjoy of good accessibility. The inclusion in the Ria Formosa Natural Park, as well as, the fact that its headquarters are in the municipality of Olhão, is undoubtedly a driving force for the promotion of environmental awareness campaigns, which are of great importance in a county that is virtually "leaning" over the Ria Formosa and very dependent on its natural values.


This beach is situated in the extreme west of the Armona Island, near the Lavajo Sea Bar. The existing village is essentially a summer resort. The island has a campsite (bungalows) and it is possible local support to practice various water activities. The sand barrier is large and we reach the coast after crossing the village and the dunes, for an extension of about 1.5 km. The panoramic view of the sea is characterized by a sandy beach to lose sight and it extends to the east, offering moments of tranquility for those who like to hike. The bars of sand next to the sea bar delineate delicious natural pools. In this area, it is also possible to observe the rich and aromatic flora of the dunes, as well as, to enjoy the warm east winds and the colors of the sunset.

The beach of Armona-Ria is also classified as a swimming area and it is possible to enjoy the clear and calm waters of the estuary with the beach near the boarding pier.
» The sea currents near the bar are generally very strong.
» In order to contribute to the preservation of the site, the dune chain must be crossed using the footbridges.
» Regular boat careers in Olhão throughout the year. Several support equipments (restaurants near the beaches, beach support, toilets and beach support in Armona-Mar). Surveillance during the bathing season in Armona-Mar and Armona-Ria. Orientation: southeast.


The beach is situated at the eastern end of the island of Armona, in front of Fuseta, a fishing village, but already on the mainland. Here, the Ria Formosa narrows, the boat goes through the same channels flanked by riverbanks and swamps, but the journey is shorter. It has an equipment support on the beach and toilet.

» The sea currents along the bar are generally very strong. In order to contribute to the preservation of the site, the dune chain must be crossed using the footbridges.
» Regular boat careers from the Fuseta pier in Praia da Fuseta. The Barra Nova beach is accessible by boat (see offer on the pier of Fuseta) or on foot (pedestrian access) from Praia do Homem Nu (island of Tavira). Large car park (except during the fair days) and well-ordered, next to the Fuseta pier. Various support equipments (restaurants, toilets and sea and recreational supports) and surveillance during the bathing season in Praia da Fuseta.

The beach of Fuseta Ria is also classified as a bathing área, being possible to enjoy the clear and calm waters of the lagoon with a sandy beach along the riverside. There are beach and surveillance facilities during the bathing season.

Pedestrian and road access from the village of Fuseta. Spacious and organized parking (except during public holidays), next to the pier of Fuseta. There is a restaurant, toilets and surveillance during the bathing season. Accessible beach. Orientation: Southwest.

Cavacos’s Beach

This beach of ria is located in the marsh, next to a nucleus of support to the fishing and the marshland consisting of houses of dressings. The small bay serves as anchorage to several boats and is surrounded by luminous salt pans.
The west is the Headquarters and Interpretation Center of the Natural Park of Ria Formosa, with its tide mill. The surrounding area of the beach is a place of excellence to observe life in the salt marshes and salinas, from the typical halophytic vegetation (adapted to the salinity of the middle) to the shy crabs, especially the shorebirds that here search the vasa looking of food with its long beaks: the stilt, the tailor, the tortoise, the small pilfer, the stork, the flamingo and several species of herons.
The beach is somewhat narrow, but the estuary arm is wide and provides tranquil baths. The quietude of the place is broken only by the regular passage of the train, whose railway line is located just behind the beach.
Notas: Access tarmac road from the EN 125, following in the direction of Aldeia de Marim (about 3 km from Olhão). Casual off-road parking. It does not have support equipment or beach surveillance.
Orientation: south / southeast.

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